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BSc Psychology with Development and Education (Hons)

Psychology is the scientific study of the most complex machine imaginable: the human mind. This BPS-accredited Psychology with Development and Education (Hons) degree at Abertay University helps you learn how children and adolescents develop, learn, reason, and socialise, as well as exploring atypical development including neurodivergence.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: GBP 14,000 per year
Location: Dundee

The first two years of this Psychology with Development and Education (Hons) degree at Abertay University are designed to help you dig deep into the science of psychology, learning the way humans think, feel and behave. In years three and four, you take more advanced options related to your specialist pathway, covering development and education in more depth.

Our academic experts will give you a deep understanding of developmental and educational psychology, including:

  • Education and learning.
  • A child’s place in society.
  • How children interact with technology.
  • How children develop.

Psychology is both an experimental and observational science. This means you will observe and measure human behaviour, tackle literature research, and develop, test, and evaluate theories. This culminates in conducting your own supervised research project in your final year, which is one of the corner stones of your degree.

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Courses Included

  • BPS Human Variability: Psychobiology and Behaviour
  • BPS Social Cognition Across the Lifespan
  • BPS Human Development across the Lifespan
  • BPS Advanced Research Design and Analysis